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Interfaith Student Association

Matt White
Interfaith Student Association Events Coordinator
Bachelor's in Microbiology, Religous Studies minor


Seth Marsden
Interfaith Student Association Officer of PR and Marketing


Geo Hunter
Undergraduate in Social Studies Teaching,
Interfaith Student Association Secretary



Alexander Gaeta-Troutner
Interfaith Student Association President 
Bachelor's in Religious Studies


Emilee Fielding - Treasurer
Interfaith Student Association Treasurer
Bachelor's in Accounting


Jacob Hayden
Undergraduate in Religious Studies, Classics Minor
Interfaith Student Association Vice President

The USU Interfaith Initiative works to create positive, meaningful interaction among people who orient around religion differently. We work to create safe spaces for voicing our beliefs and values, for engaging with others in a spirit of respect and relationship and for acting cooperatively across all faith and non-faith traditions in service to the common good. At the USU Interfaith Initiative, our programs help students create positive, meaningful relationships across differences. By fostering appreciative knowledge of other traditions attitudes improve, knowledge increases, and more positive relationships occur. As we train university students to become interfaith leaders in a world torn by religious conflict and intolerance, we hold that interfaith interactions will move from being a bomb of destruction, a barrier of division, or a bubble of isolation to being a bridge of cooperation in the 21st Century.